Case Studies - Kaylyn Parker


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The Client: Classic Limousines is a luxury limousine service company providing transportation for corporations, celebrities, and for events and weddings.

The Project:
Busy with purchasing the company and expanding its local presence, the owners of Classic Limos were looking to an expert to grow and maintain their social media presence.

The Solution:
I customized a concrete social media plan to grow their Facebook following and launch and grow an Instagram account.

In 7 months I increased their social media following by 153%, established a community of engaged followers, built connections with local businesses and influencers.

The Client: Millenefits is a supplemental staffing agency that helps local organizations and businesses with everything from errands to social media posts. Their unique business model is a social enterprise helping freelancers have access to workplace benefits so they can continue doing what they love.

The Project:
The Millenefits brand was a part of a rebrand project. A pivot from a former business model, Millenefits opted for a fresh approach. To break into the market with their innovative idea, they needed a full-on marketing strategy to garner brand awareness and generate sign-ups.

The Solution:
Having worked closely with the previous brand, my approach was to help with ideation of a new logo and business name to help with relaunch. In addition, I completely formulated a digital marketing plan. Taking to Instagram where the target audience namely existed, I crafted a strategy to garner interest, awareness, and signups. In just a few months, their Instagram account grew to over 1,000 followers organically. This growth coupled with a lead-generation Facebook ad campaign generated nearly 100 local signups before the brand officially launched.

The Client: Main Street Dental New Albany is an innovative, tech-driven Dental Practice in the heart of New Albany, Ohio.

The Project:
One year after opening, their goal was to expand rapidly and amass attention. They wanted to be top of mind with their current patients and to attain new patients.

The Solution:
Utilizing Facebook and Instagram, I have cultivated a community of followers who are actively engaged with the practice’s accounts. With a focus on personalization and education, our approach is wildly different than that of most other practices.

In addition to fostering a community organically, we’ve also launched several email and Facebook ad campaigns to generate leads for high-end services, such as aligner therapy.

Most notably, I developed a viral video strategy to accumulate video views and national attention. We then retargeted local video viewers with a Facebook ad campaign in order to capture new leads.

The video has amassed over 144,000 views total with hundreds of comments, shares, and reactions.

The Client: Bareburger is a franchise restaurant serving all-natural, organic burgers and more since 2009. They focus on delicious, sustainable food suitable for vegans and meat-eaters alike.

The Project:
The owners of the Columbus, OH branch opened a second local branch. Their goal was to ramp up the social media presence of the current branch and launch a social media strategy for branch #2.

The Solution:
Taking to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I completely revitalized their social media presence. I helped establish connections with local thriving businesses, restaurants, and blogger influencers by engaging with their content through Instagram and Twitter.

Incorporating a consistent presence with captivating photos and promo deals, I also grew increased their total social media following by 64% in 5 months.

The Client: Game Day Feels creates and sells leather-engraved accessories made from baseball glove lace.

The Project:
Having just purchased the business and planning for rapid growth, Game Day Feels was in need of a digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and sales.

The Solution:
By working closely with the team, I created a social media strategy for Instagram and Facebook. First we reworked the brand messaging to focus less on baseball and more on lifestyle to bring the new owner’s personal touch to the brand.

With the brand and social media strategy in place, Game Day Feels has since attracted multiple influencers and brand ambassadors, increased post engagement by over 187%, post reach by over 465%, and followers by 316%.

By also employing a funnel strategy using Facebook and Instagram ads with email marketing, e-commerce sales have increased by 104% in just two weeks.