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You deserve to be a Social Boss.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

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You’re craving the freedom that comes with that “boss” status. You’re still stuck in a 9-5 waiting for your moment to spread your wings, all the while spending your days…

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    Working for someone else who doesn’t appreciate your skills or talents.
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    Putting your travel dreams on hold because you just don’t have enough vacation time yet.
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    Feeling unfulfilled because you’re just aching to live a passionate life but you don’t have time to squeeze in much of what you love these days while working a full-time job.
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    Saying, “Well, work is work” when someone asks about your career instead of lighting up and getting excited.
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    Living for the weekend, running out the door come quitting time on Friday exclaiming, “Sayonara cubicle!” Then feeling absolutely crushed come Sunday night, welling up with anxiety and wanting to hide under the covers to escape the next morning.

You are all too familiar with daydreaming about finding the perfect getaway career to whisk you away from your day job and bring you true happiness and success. Do you dream of working from a cabana on the beach? While taking in views from a terrace loft in Italy? How about while soaking in the café smells of your favorite local coffee shop? Yes, please! #BossLife

In your quest for the perfect work from anywhere job, you’ve: come across pyramid schemes, wondered if you could just post a lot of hilarious YouTube videos to rake in the millions, and you’ve even asked yourself, “So this job requires me to relocate to the Netherlands. My dog can handle that travel time...right?!”

And you’ve also noticed how highly-sought after social media managers are.

You know that social media is an incredible skill that, if you could master and deliver on it, it would be an amazing entrepreneurial journey for you.

“Social Media Manager/Extraordinaire/Expert”….you are starting to love the sound of that. But then your boss walks by and you have to sit up straight, pretend you weren’t daydreaming, and get back to the real world.

It feels like you’re stuck in the mud with desperately wanting to get out but feeling compelled to stay where you are because, let’s face it, you’ve got bills to pay! #Adulting

As talented, hard-working, and persistent as you are, you are worthy of pulling yourself up out of the 9-5 mud and becoming your own boss. (Need a towel?)

The moment you’ve been waiting for to spread your wings is now or never so you can finally…

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    Let freedom ring! Work from home, look forward to Mondays, and build an empire in your pajamas (or a suit if that’s your thing).
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    Travel when you want to and make money while doing it. All you need is determination and WiFi. And caffeine.
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    Spend time doing work that fulfills and inspires you (plus makes you rich), instead of lining someone else’s pockets.
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    Be in-the-know on all thing social media, one of the most valuable and sought-after skills in the marketplace right now. Every business needs and wants social media.
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    Become an expert, a leader, and someone that people turn to when their online presence needs your personal skills. (and let’s face it, a lot of businesses out there could use your help!)
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    Live life on your terms, at your rates, with the possibility to make however much or little you desire.

This life you deserve? It can be yours. And you’re willing to do what it takes to run your business on your terms, with self-assurance.

But there’s just one roadblock to your success...

Running your own business and managing your social media presence is hard.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

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    Doing absolutely everything for your new business, by yourself, takes wayyy too much work...and time.
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    Two words: Analysis paralysis. With so much information out there, you have no idea where to get started. KPI’s, profile optimization, funnels, impressions, reach, engagement…say whhhattt?!
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    And don’t get me started on shiny object syndrome and distraction! Your Facebook feed is flooded with ads telling you what webinars you must tune into and what courses you must buy, your email is overloaded with the latest tips, and oh look, SQUIRREL!

You also know the painful overwhelm that comes with…

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    Being caught up in the mode where you have to learn everything before you feel confident enough to get started.
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    Imposter syndrome has quickly set in and that evil little voice inside your head is telling you you’re not good enough (you are!)
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    Your head is spinning with all the “you can’t miss this ONE trick!” guru advice that seems to come from every corner of the internet.

And you know what else?

Figuring out the roadmap of online success is freakin’ lonely. It’s so worth it to live out your dreams, but dang - it’s tough!

The overwhelm, uncertainty, and isolation can really get to you if you let it.

And believe me when I say, I’ve been there. Having done everything the hard way with no guidance, I have made every mistake possible and understand the process wholeheartedly. I’m living this with you!

My biz owner experience has been as a founder of my own social media agency. I have scaled my skills, my clients, and my social media adventures to be one of the most sought-after consultants in my city. I’ve worked with TV producers, tech startups, coaches, CEOs, corporations, publicly-traded companies, small businesses, and more. I’ve spoken at large events, small events, consulted with companies with a large staff of personnel, and companies run by one hungry entrepreneur. This life has afforded me freedom, vacations, and the ability to see and do things I thought would only exist in my dreams. The social media manager life is incredible!

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. If you could think of a hard way to get things done, I did them. All of them. From navigating social media tools and platforms to sending proposals and determining pricing, from staying up all night to master one valuable skill like Facebook ads, to getting so nervous to present to a large group of people….I’ve seen every roadblock and rough patch and made every mistake imaginable. I survived and built a business I am proud of, with some hilarious tales to go along with it. But if I had a roadmap, the direct answers, and help from the very beginning, I am positive my success story would have happened a lot sooner. With probably fewer tears too. But this has afforded me an opportunity to create online resources where I can talk openly and honestly about my journey.

In my emails, live streams, videos, social media posts, Facebook Group, and free resources, I have always laid it out on the line. No holds barred.This industry is SO saturated with bad info, fake news, and people just trying to make a quick buck. I fell hard into those traps when I first got started and it really sucked.

I want to share my journey and my current strategies with nothing in return. Everything I offer is FREE! Just follow along and let’s build a community together. Where good information is shared, integrity is what we stand by, and serving our clients with the ultimate strategies is our goal. I am living the entrepreneur and social media manager life with you. *Fist bump*

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