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When it comes to quitting your 9-5 to become an in-demand and thriving social media manager, I can completely understand[...]
As social media managers, we are juggling a LOT. Between on-boarding new clients, managing our current clients with stellar performance, and[...]
Let's cut to the chase. Hustling, working hard, and getting the work done is absolutely key for running a successful[...]
One of my favorite tips for new social media managers to get new clients is! Yep, it's really that[...]
[Note: The Tipsy Tuesday Live Video has static (ugh, the horror!) So I've broken down the whoooole thing for you[...]
2018 is here and so are alllllll the social media changes. We all know change is coming, new trends will[...]
This is one of my TOP FAVE Tipsy Tuesday videos ever. It's really personal and vulnerable. Which might sound weird[...]
When it comes to networking online, there's always a few things you might be thinking: 1. Ugh, don't spam me[...]
Who else is SUPER pumped that Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails and Facebook ads are over and done with[...]
Social Media Giveaway Contests can be absolutely huge for yours or your client's business goals. In this episode of Tipsy[...]
Happy Halloween! Failing to set proper expectations with your clients can be SCARY. Believe me, I've been there. But having[...]
Less than 48 hours ago I posted a video on behalf of a client. And it has gone viral. 46,000[...]
Live streaming is something that has really catapulted my business.   I've created a community of people. I have grown[...]
September was an absolutely mind-blowing month for me. I learned a ton. Ugly cried (with happy tears) A LOT. And[...]
It's no secret that building up an organic social media presence is the long game. It takes time. So why[...]
It's confession time... Raw truth: I've been playing really small lately on social media. I haven't been bringing as much[...]
Today feels like a Monday and I am loving it! That feeling of wanting to jump out of bed, excited[...]
I'm still documenting my journey while I build a digital agency with my business partner, Sam! In this Tipsy Tuesday[...]
This is my entrepreneurship journey: documented. If there's one thing I really like about Gary Vee, it's that he tells[...]
When clients or social media managers approach me about Twitter, it's always the same conversation. We talk about how overwhelming[...]
Pinterest for your that really a thing?! Yes, my friend - it is a BIG thing! Pinterest is one[...]
In this episode I get totally vulnerable with you. Because here's the thing. I need your help! Building one's personal[...]
When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram can understandably be intimidating and overwhelming. Even for the seasoned experts! Don't[...]
When it comes down to it, the old saying "your network is your net worth" is so incredibly true. Especially[...]
Italy was an absolutely amazing experience. The wine, the food, the people, the was all completely breathtaking. But all[...]
I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm going to Italy tomorrow! I live in the states and this trip is[...]
Let’s be honest about something. Do you have a plan when it comes to social media, or do you just[...]
Sales. Ick. They can absolutely be stressful. Can you relate? Well here's the thing. Being demanding, pushy, and all of[...]
In this episode we dove in deep about LinkedIn. And I've got to ask….are YOU on LinkedIn? (Probably, or you[...]
Coming up with an action plan for putting out wildly popular content can be difficult. We're supposed to post original content[...]
Let me ask you a question. Are you live streaming regularly with your business? If not, you need to get started[...]
Feeling frustrated that your Facebook posts aren't being seen in the newsfeed? I feel ya! Facebook's Algorithm can be a[...]
Today is such an exciting #TipsyTuesday episode for me. This week marks my one year anniversary as a PAID entrepreneur.[...]
In this show I got a little bold with my tough love. Are you ready for it? Are your posts[...]
How scary does this Shadow Ban sound?! Pretty darn scary. **Insert ghost emoji** But here's the thing. The ban is[...]
The ROI of Social Media. Real? Or a myth that a some crafty marketer made up? The answer is: It's[...]
Instagram is one of the best places to market yourself and your brand - if done with a strategy. Many[...]
Instagram is one of the most powerful digital media tools for businesses. Using Instagram as a micro-blog, businesses can build[...]
Social media strategy.   Does that phrase make you think of long hours, sitting behind a screen, wanting to pull your hair[...]
Election Day. This monumental day in America is filled with a whirlwind of emotions. The next leader of the free[...]
There was a time when I had a ton of trouble writing blog posts. I didn’t have a hard time due to[...]
If you aren’t wrapped up in the social media world on a daily basis (think teenagers glued to their phones),[...]

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