The Most Important Thing About Your Business Blog

There was a time when I had a ton of trouble writing blog posts. I didn’t have a hard time due to poor writing. And well, I do have plenty to say. Therefore content wasn’t the issue either.

I used to spend hours on a blog post. Then when I reread it, I couldn’t help but feel like it just didn’t say enough or share enough value.


To be honest, I felt like it flat out just wasn’t good enough. Do you ever feel that way when writing?


It can be so easy to be hard on yourself when it comes to something personal and important. You see, I used to have it in my head that my content had to be perfect and revolutionary in some way. The biggest problem was that instead of trying to appeal to a target market, I was trying to to appease everyone.

If you were to travel in time to check out my past blogs (why would you do that?), you’d see old poetry blogs, MySpace blogs (yikes), and even a blog that shared daily quirky facts. In essence, I am incredibly proud of some of my old written works, even if they weren’t popular. With the others blogs, well let’s just say I would be mortified if anyone ever saw them again.

Despite pouring my heart and time into my old blogs, they never worked! It took years to figure out what the underlying problem was.

Truthfully, those old blogs were too stuffy, they digressed off topic, and mostly they were too hard to keep up with. What do all those problems add up to? A blog that is just way too niche. Blogging took a passion and skill of mine – writing – and stripped it of everything I love about it! Deep down, what I really loved was writing freely from my heart.

During my struggle to write, I thought it could be helpful to write a personal blog alongside a business blog. This way I could write freely from my heart and get my creative juices flowing for the business blog!

So how the heck was I going to write two blogs if I couldn’t even write one? One option was to eliminate all remnants of a social life. The other was to throw my business to the wayside because forget having any time to work on that!

Thankfully, one morning while journaling, I was struck with an amazing idea that I just knew would solve the problem I was having with writing my business blog posts. Don’t you just love those a-ha moments?

Anyways, I bolted out of bed with this sudden realization that I can incorporate my personal life into my business blog! And what a beautiful revelation that was.


If only I had thought of that sooner.


Let’s be honest here. People will only do business with who they like anyways. After digging deep, I realized I’d prefer for clients to know the real me alongside the business facts I wanted to share with them.

Rather than act all business with no fun, I want you all to know the personal stories behind my business philosophies and social media ideas. Before you truly make a decision about working with me, I want you to get the real deal!

Looking back on some old blog posts of mine I realized I only revealed very little of who I am in my writing. And it sounded nothing like me! Here I was trying to appear all business and professional-like, and it ended up sounding incredibly boring, stuffy, and totally disingenuous. And that’s just not who I am, yo! Who says you can’t give back all your awesome knowledge to your audience while keeping it fun and real at the same time?

Of course getting to the point with the good stuff is the most important part of a business blog. However, readers are going to be snoozing if you don’t add some pizzazz alongside the facts. The best part is that the pizzazz you add is nothing more than who you really are. In short, just insert your personality into your writing.

The thing is, it is necessary to do what it takes to get your blog posts written and shared. What would happen if I keep it all my knowledge locked up because I have trouble writing them down? If I operate under the standard that my blog posts must fit inside a perfect, neat little niche box, no one will ever benefit from that knowledge.

Moreover, you are killing two birds with one stone¹ when you take the steps to a). write freely from your heart or mind while b). relating your personal views and experiences to your audience.


Allow me to give you an example.


A few months ago I was given the opportunity to conduct a casual presentation in front of a group of women business owners. Basically I stood in the center of a circle of women eating pizza and drinking wine. I shared social media business tips and fielded their burning questions about the ever-elusive hashtag. It was a blast.

The presentation was such a hit because…..drum roll…..I was myself! Although the audience was filled with prominent business owners, it was a casual setting that allowed me to feel comfortable in my natural habitat. Yes, being surrounded by pizza is what I would consider my natural habitat.

I shared personal stories about my entrepreneurial journey and my own social media blunders and successes. In addition, I flat out had an awesome time conducting casual conversation as if I was in a room of friends. Not only did I thrive in this setting, I honest-to-goodness helped these women with their social media issues.

In effect, I am still getting calls, emails, and social media shout-outs from women at the pizza event. Mostly they reach out with stories of how much I helped them turn around their social media presence. Some of them have even turned into amazing clients.

All things considered, if I had conducted the pizza presentation in the manner that I used to write my old blog posts, I would have sounded like a robot and either bored people to sleep or scared them away screaming.

In a word, it wouldn’t have paid off to be so niche and stuffy with my speech, would it have? All in all, I have learned to take a chill pill and share my world with you all.

Here is what I would love you take away from this post:


The most important thing about blogging is to tie your knowledge back into to your real, raw, personal life.


That’s what people like reading the most.

I encourage you to incorporate your life and personality into your blog posts and in your customer service. You may not appeal to everyone but you will appeal to those who need you the most.