Election Day - To Post or Not to Post?

Election Day. This monumental day in America is filled with a whirlwind of emotions. The next leader of the free world will be chosen, the incessant “fighting” on both sides will begin to cease, and our lives will undoubtedly be changed. For better or for worse depends on which side you are on come announcement time.  

Regardless of which “side” you are on, today is a fantastic day to use your thumbs to bring attention to your business.


I strongly urge the separation of politics from business, even on social media (just my personal, traditional opinion). But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize this day and the election in general to help benefit your own social media efforts. Here is how:

  • People react strongly to emotion. They love drama, humor, and even sadness. If your social media posts elicit a strong emotional response, it will be seen by your audience. Better yet, it will be remembered.
  • Consider posting a joke (i.e. “Oh no, it’s election day?! We have been so busy creating “X product” in time for the holidays that we totally forgot!”). For one of my clients I posted a delicious donut recipe (I promise it’s related to their industry) with the caption “Vote for donuts!”
  • Post a simple “I voted, did you?” with a picture of your sticker. Asking questions (and again, leaving politics out of it) is a great way to get responses on social media.
  • Or you could tie in sadness over having to stand in line for so long and missing out on your normal coffee routine (perk: sadness + humor = double win).
  • An enormous strategy “hack” is to post anywhere between 2-4pm. People are likely not voting, driving, or working (sorry, bosses!) during these hours. They have either already voted and put in their time at work, or are ready to get out of work to vote and head home.

All in all, social media posts about the election will be wildly popular today.


Today especially, people are thumb-happy! If you give them something to “like” or “share,” not only does it give you relevance today, but it will boost your future posts in the news feed as well.

The more likes you get today, the more likely your post will be seen tomorrow. And today is surely an easy day to garner some likes – if you do it correctly.