One Simple Hack for Turning Instagram Visitors into Followers

Instagram is one of the most powerful digital media tools for businesses. Using Instagram as a micro-blog, businesses can build relationships with their audience through photos, meaningful captions, and a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into the life and mind of their brand.

But here's the thing: Instagram is a saturated space.

The platform's growth has accelerated massively over the past year and now, according to The Motley Fool, 700 million users are enjoying the photo-rich app!

So what can you do to get the attention of your audience?

Besides posting relevant and timely content that your audience is craving, there is one simple hack that many businesses skip out on.

First impressions are everything.

And if you're using hashtags correctly, what's the first thing a user is going to notice upon finding your photo in a hashtag query?

No, not your @handle.

It's your NAME!

Think about it.

We all tune out a little bit to handles. But if someone sees your NAME, whether on a list of followers, those who liked an image or video, or upon looking at your profile, you want it to resonate with them and stand out from the crowd.

People notice your name before they notice your handle.

Here's an example: "Charlotte ? Growth Superstar." See how enticing that is as a name? It's so much more likely to grab somebody's attention than if it simply said "Charlotte Smith."

Try using your name or business name, then an emoji, then a really compelling descriptor.

Once someone lands on Charlotte's Instagram bio or sees her handle and name in a list, they're going to resonate with her right away if they're looking for someone who grows brands or digital accounts.

Plus it's fun and quirky and a great way to help your first impression be a memorable one.

Try this simple hack, check out the video below for more details and examples, and tell me: did the hack work?