Why ROI Social Media is Not A Myth (And Why You Should Be Measuring It)

The ROI of Social Media. Real? Or a myth that a some crafty marketer made up?

The answer is: It's REAL! You just have to know how to measure it.

In a traditional sense ROI (Return On Investment) is the money we make divided by the money we spent to make that money, and is described as a percentage. So a 100% ROI is doubling our money.

But how do you measure ROI on social media, especially if you aren't spending actual money on ads and product placement?  How do you determine what your social presence itself is worth?

Listen to me as I break down what you need to do to optimize your social ROI! I'm talking, what you need to measure and what is immeasurable (but still important), how to monitor and report, and deliverables to analyze and tweak!

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