The #1 Reason Why Your Posts Suck...And What You Can Do Better

In this show I got a little bold with my tough love. Are you ready for it? Are your posts not being seen or engaged with as much as you'd like them to? Have you seen other profiles getting a ton of reach and engagement and you're left scratching your head wondering what you did wrong?

Are you feeling frustrated that you put in a lot of time and effort and it's just not panning out?

Before you cast off social media and decide it's not right for you, consider this one thing.

Your posts? Well, they suck.

I had to say it! And I say it with love. Your posts could do better my friend. And I want to help you not only have great posts, but a raving fan base as well!

I know exactly what you could be doing wrong with your posts, because SO many other businesses do it too.

Your posts are spammy.

Spammy posts are posts that talk too much about your business, or worse yet, talk only about your business.

If your posts approach the conversation to talk about sales, how great your services are, or why people need to buy from you and buy from you now...your posts are spam.

And spam? Well, everyone overlooks it. Or feels put off by it.

Spam tactics won't work for your business on social media. Building relationships will!

Are you ready to learn how?

Grab a glass of bubbly, hit play, and skip to minute 7 (I had to leave my house due to power washing and walk to the park!)

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