Content Tips: Social Strategy, Planning, and Execution

Let’s be honest about something.Do you have a plan when it comes to social media, or do you just post what looks pretty?Or maybe you post what everyone else is posting?

Or what you think you’re supposed to post?Here’s the thing. When it comes to social media, you’ve got to constantly evaluate your work. And make changes when necessary.And cut the fat.

Cut the fat? Yes - cut out all the stuff that’s taking up too much time or isn’t working to get you results.

And you’ve got to have a plan! Otherwise you’re just posting for the sake of posting.

When I first got started as a social media manager, I made a lot of mistakes.

A looooottt of them.If I didn’t pivot, cut the fat, and learn (and continue to evolve) - how many clients do you think I’d have?Zero.So if you constantly post things without a plan, without knowing that what you’re posting is many engaged and loyal fans will you end up having?Yep - zero.

In this Tipsy Tuesday episode, I shared my exact process for creating content.

From strategy to execution to daily activities.

Plus I covered the "WHY" behind my actions.Like why I have a strategy, why I plan ahead, and why I engage every day.

We talked about why I've changed and how I've pivoted.

If you get stuck creating content for yourself or your clients, you need to catch this episode!

Ready to have your mind blown?

Grab a glass of bubbly and hit play!

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