Back From Italy: What's New

Italy was an absolutely amazing experience. The wine, the food, the people, the was all completely breathtaking.

But all great vacations must come to an end.

I'm back to work and back at it with Tipsy Tuesdays!

When you do what you love, you are definitely jet-lagged after a long vacation. But you are never dreadful of returning to your craft.

I'm excited to get back to it and in this episode I dish out what I've been up to lately.

Including getting a PUPPY! Beckett has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He makes it hard to get work done but also makes it hard to be mad at him ;)

And last but not least - my latest FB Ad for a client is knocking our stats out of the park. I get tactical in this episode on how to do the same for your own ads.

Ready to get the scoop? Grab a glass of bubbly and hit play!

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