Documenting My Journey: Gary Vee Style

This is my entrepreneurship journey: documented. If there's one thing I really like about Gary Vee, it's that he tells you to document.

The good, the bad, the mundane.

Publish some, keep some.

But ultimately? You're going to want to see your journey once you've reached your goals.

And others want to see the journey NOW too.

NOW while you're building. NOW while you're testing things out.

So here it is.


I am the way I am (with determination, grit, and a desire to live out my full potential) because there was a time when I had nothing.

Actually, a couple of times.

I have faced a lot of hardships, trauma, and bad decisions just like everyone else.

I've hit rock-bottom and had no idea how I was going to climb out.

And this biz-building journey?

It hasn't been sunshine and rainbows either.

You'll learn about my dumpster table and my late-night sessions and my bad proposals.

The passion, the feeling of finally knowing this was right, and going all-in even if it meant I was crazy.

And I talk about where I want to go.

I have exciting news for my growth inside of my businesses and





I'm building a massive agency.

I'm growing my brand to impact millions.

I'm doing this thing.

I've got to put out there into the world what I WANT to happen. What I KNOW will happen.

Not because it's going to manifest itself.

But because now it's OUT THERE. And I want to live up to my word.

And if I don't believe in me, then no one else does either.

The journey is fun. This live show was really fun.

Today is the beginning of of me documenting the next phase of my journey.

What's next?! Grab a glass of bubbly and hit play.

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