Updates on Building an Agency and Why I Like Getting Uncomfortable

I'm still documenting my journey while I build a digital agency with my business partner, Sam! In this Tipsy Tuesday episode, I touch on some updates with the behind-the-scenes of building the agency plus I also go into a few scenarios where I felt really uncomfortable.

Because feeling uncomfortable is when we grow.

And it's where the best things in our life and business can blossom.

Like saying no, asking for respect (and sometimes payment), and trying to land a client that runs a $150 million company.

The journey is just getting started for me and it's been really fun. I'm sharing it in hopes that it brings value to you (or it at least allows you to avoid my mistakes!)

I want to share with you our vision and goals for the company.

They're lofty, that's for sure.

But I'm a do-er.

And I'm going to make this happen.

And when I do?

I never want to regret not being able to look back on the experience of building something greater than myself.

This is it. This is the journey. This is my life. Hit play and learn more, friend!

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