Hiring and Strategizing for an Unconventional Client

Today feels like a Monday and I am loving it! That feeling of wanting to jump out of bed, excited for the day, ready to crush it. To be honest, It's taken a long time to get here. And this was something I was reflecting on all day today.

First, I was hanging out at a library near my old apartment. I had a meeting there and stayed after to work on a few other things.

When I got there, I strategically parked down the street and walked through the nearby park to the entrance of the library...just like I used to do when I lived nearby.

It's a breezy, almost-fall day, with leaves on the ground and the scent of change in the air.

It's my absolute FAVORITE time of year. All day I have felt productive, ready, and energized.

I remember being in the same park and library last year and feeling like things were really about to change for me in my business.

The feeling of growth and excitement were really taking over me and I reveled in it.

In fact, I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast where he explained how much he loved reading the Tao of Seneca.

He found someone to record all of the readings to make an Audible book, which I purchased.

For the next several weeks I continued to walk through the park listening to snippets of the Tao of Seneca.

Listening to something so ancient and profound made me want to create something bigger than myself too. Something that would last.

And here I am again, a year later in the same spot, on the precipice of yet another new beginning, hoping to continue to create something bigger than myself.

I'm in the midst of hiring my first ever employee. I chopped off all my hair (big change)! I am working with some BIG clients with BIG dreams. And more.

And I tell you allllll about it in this episode of Tipsy Tuesday!

First I explained who I am hiring, why, and how. It's such a big step for me and I am beyond excited. Maybe someday I'll introduce you to her LIVE ;)

Next I talk about one of my clients and my big ideas and strategy for them. It's a really unconventional industry, but I want to review my strategy plan to show you how social media can be done for ANY business.

So are you ready to dive on in?

Grab a glass of bubbly and hit play, my friend!

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