The Best and Worst of This Year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing

Who else is SUPER pumped that Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails and Facebook ads are over and done with for this year? I know I sure am!

And while I looooove me some good marketing, I am definitely glad for my inbox (and my wallet) to return to normal.

But let's have one final convo about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shall we?

[I promise it's worth it and you won't have to spend a dime!]

Here's the deal.

As a marketer I really paid attention to the best and the worst of BF and CM.

I took note of what I loved and what I didn’t love.

And on what struck me as amazing...and what left a really bad taste in my mouth.

In this episode of Tipsy Tuesday I dish alllllll of my thoughts about the marketing plans that deserved an A++ as well as the ones that were a total flop.

No, I didn’t mention any brands at all! Because who needs that kind of negativity, am I right?

But what I DID do was thoughtfully break down the 3 types of BF and CM campaigns that definitely missed the mark and the 3 types that were absolute winners!

Because here’s the thing.

Black Friday is over but holiday promotions are not.

Nor are regular promotions!

We could all learn a little something about the right and wrong ways to launch a product, offer a discount, and get eyes on ours and our clients’ brands.

And I it reallly too early to start planning for next year's out-of-this-world 2k19 BF launch?! Nope ;)

If you're ready to learn what rocked the internet world and what should NEVER happen again when it comes to Black Friday deals and discounts, grab a glass of bubbly and hit play, my friend!

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