How and Why to Network Online to Scale Your Business

When it comes to networking online, there's always a few things you might be thinking: 1. Ugh, don't spam me with that crap!

2. Who the heck has time for networking?! I have a business to run!

3. Networking! I love networking! It's all I ever do!

Do you fall into either of those categories? Or maybe you're somewhere in between?!

I'll tell you a little bit about how I used to feel about networking online.

In truth, I felt like it was a total waste of time. I honestly felt guilty for "hanging out" online when I should have been doing work!

And as an introvert, it ends up being natural for me to dismiss myself from human interaction from time to time and feel like I can accomplish things on my own.

And don't get me started on how many people have spammed me on Facebook messenger in what they thought was "innocent networking!"

Here's the thing.

I believed networking was a load of crap.

Even though:

✅ My very first clients were from networking efforts

✅ My current business is built largely on referrals

✅ I enjoy speaking to my peers about business....

So what changed?

Why do I now agree with the saying  "your network is your net worth?!"

Because my business has skyrocketed from it.

You see, my way of networking is to make friends.

(Hint: no spamming going on here!)

And no wasting time either.

I focus on creating genuine, honest friendships with NO goal of selling my services.

And I've learned how to do it effectively too.

Because I totally get where you might be thinking this whole "waste of time" thing again. Who has time to buddy up online when you have a business to run?!

In this episode of Tipsy Tuesday, I share with you WHY networking is so important and HOW to do it effectively, genuinely, and easily so that you can build your business and your support system.

I'm telling you. At first I was networking "here and there" and I'm already been seeing the fruits of my labor.

It was when I starting networking with intention that things really took off for me.

Ready to learn how? Grab a glass of bubbly and hit play, friend!

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