The Introvert's Guide to Networking and Running a Successful Business

This is one of my TOP FAVE Tipsy Tuesday videos ever. It's really personal and vulnerable.

Which might sound weird to read, but this used to be the #1 struggle in my business.

It's even what I asked Gary Vee about when I got to ask him a question during one of his keynote presentations!

GULP: check out his video at 1 hr:37 to see my question with him (careful: language!)

The lowdown: I basically asked Gary about how to proceed in business as an introvert.

How sharing this side of me is something my viewers want and need from me but it's SCARY.

And he gave me some of the best advice I've ever gotten in my life.

And that question I asked him?

It has opened SO MANY doors for me. It still does to this day!

I met incredible entrepreneurs at this particular event, and have ever since been asked by many successful entrepreneurs to speak on their podcasts, live videos, and to their members about how exactly I run my business as an introvert.

Because here's the thing.

A lot of us are introverts!! It's just not something people admit. (I totally feel ya there).

And if you aren't introverted? I bet you've felt moments of fear, shyness, weakness, timidity, and apprehension.

So my lessons can honestly be applicable to everyone who is riding this scary AF entrepreneurial ride.

::Mic drop::

I'll gladly be the person who speaks up about this stuff if it can help even a little bit.

I think regardless, by watching this video you'll get a little kick in the rear to make things happen in 2018 :)

I'm so passionate about this topic and I love speaking about it.

So grab a glass of bubbly and come join the party where I talk about how to be successful despite fear, despite being an introvert, and despite all the nay-sayers!

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