2018 Social Media Changes and What to Focus on so You Can Crush It

2018 is here and so are alllllll the social media changes.

We all know change is coming, new trends will form, and who knows - maybe there will even be a brand new platform this year?!

What that means is that it's our responsibility to stay on top of what is to come.

You know, to harness that lil' thing called a competitive edge!

I've been studying up on what's hot, what's not, and what's tricky for this year.

So let's get nerdy!!

This Tipsy Tuesday brings the heat with a jam-packed session on all things to come for social media.

I'm going to share the social media strategies I plan to go ALL IN on for myself and my clients this year!

It is a GREAT time to be a digital marketer. Things are about to get FUN (seriously!

The competition and cost of ads are rising, video is rampant, and algorithms are changing ?

But don't fret, let's get social media Tips-y and hash it out! Grab a glass of bubbly and hit play, my friend.

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