My Top 6 Tips for Productivity

As social media managers, we are juggling a LOT. Between on-boarding new clients, managing our current clients with stellar performance, and working on our own business too, it's easy for overwhelm to kick in.

It's pretty great to be able to work on our phones anywhere we go, but it's also easy to feel like we always have to be "on."

It happens to me too!

Many days I have caught myself in the same old routine.

You know the one.

Where you end up doing a litttttttle bit of everything all day long.

Like learning from an article while also engaging on a client's Instagram.

Then switching over to answer an email. And then popping into Facebook to see what's going on.

So before you know it, it’s the end of the day, and sure it felt like you worked all day, but how much stuff really got done?

Not much!

So by creating patterns for myself that allowed me to focus with purpose, over time I have learned how to get a lot more done.

Without the overwhelm. Nor the rigid-style discipline that sucked the life out of my work.

Just good ole' fashioned productivity with intention!

Learn how to cut out the noise, focus on your main tasks, and get more done in a day than you thought possible (without staying up all night or burning yourself out) with my top 6 productivity tips:

1. Self-love and self-care are key.

If you are in burnout mode or in self-doubt zone, it's impossible to be effective with your work. Take care of the captain in order for the ship to sail!

2. Know yourself and how and when you work most optimally.

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses and your preferences for working, you can utilize your strengths and zones (and times) of genius to help maximize your work.

3. Media Zero.

Cut out the distractions on your phone, Facebook, emails, and anything else that might get in the way.

4. Block off time in your calendar.

A to-do list is NEVER enough! If you don't block out the time in your calendar to get the work done, the task ends up being just another item on your to-do list...which gets pushed until tomorrow.

5. Important tasks first.

By knocking out your most important tasks at the very beginning of your day or work session, you will ride that wave of self-accomplishment all the way down through the rest of your to-do's!

6. Batch your tasks.

Take all of the tasks that are most "alike" and lump them together in one session. Do all of Client A's strategy and planning for the week before moving on to Client B's work. This keeps your brain more focused and your efficiency on point.

To listen in more detail about how I handle these top 6 tips (plus hear some extra goodies that I shared), click the play button below!

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