you've arrived!

And you're ready to be a #SocialBoss.

But figuring out the roadmap of social media manager success is freakin’ lonely. It’s so worth it to live out your dreams, but dang - it’s tough! 😅

The overwhelm, uncertainty, and isolation can really get to you if you let it.

And believe me when I say, I’ve been there! 🙋🏻 Having done everything the hard way with no guidance, I have made every mistake possible and understand the process wholeheartedly.

I’m living this with you!

My journey started In April of 2016. I bartered with a lawyer to set up an LLC for me in exchange for 1 month of social media services.

This was the start to my lifestyle as a Social Media Manager - the best career move I’ve ever made.

In two year’s time, I’ve completely changed my life and am on a mission to help thousands of others change theirs with the #SocialBoss movement. In the past two years since becoming a Social Media Manager, I’ve travelled to four countries and across the United States.

Travel used to only exist in my dreams. With various opportunities in my career, I’ve gotten the chance to meet (if only briefly lol!) the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Russel Brunson, Jill and Josh Stanton, James Wedmore, John Lee Dumas, and more. I have helped my own clients amass hundreds of thousands of loyal followers, achieve online virality, and catapult their impact and revenue.

And that’s what the #SocialBoss movement is all about - getting the best social media and digital marketing results for dream clients and living a fulfilling life.

Within my free community, I’ve shared my exact process for landing new clients (which Andrea just used to sign up a new client for $3,500!), quitting the 9-5 grind to make bigger money and achieve bigger dreams, my exact social media strategies I use for my clients, and more. 

My goal? Provide you more free info about ALL things social media manager-related than any other place out there.

So dig in to the free resources below, and be sure to check out the free community!



Watch this short and to-the-point video to learn my #1 pro-tip for networking. It's a secret hack that will completely change your networking game and help you meet and connect with more people.

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i got to meet gary vee

Here's everything I learned from meeting my idol, getting to ask him a tough question in front of a large crowd (especially as an introvert!), and figuring out who I am as a business owner. I learned some mind-blowing stuff and dished it ALL in this video.



Are you ready to become a social media manager? Snag the free checklist that lays out everything you need to know to be successful. From which tools to use, to how to set everything up, plus insider tips every SMM must know - this checklist has it all!